Defend The Vote Endorses Monica Tranel for Congress

Tranel is committed to ensuring our democracy works for everyone, not just billionaires and corporate interests

Monical Tranel has won the endorsement of Defend The Vote (DTV), one of the nation’s leading and most influential pro-democracy organizations.  

“Monica believes our democracy should work for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful. In Congress she will fight to protect everyone’s voice and vote and get dark money out of politics so that our leaders are accountable to the people,” DTV Executive Director Brian Lemek said. “We need Monica in Congress to protect our rights and freedoms, and Defend The Vote is proud to support her.” 

“Between the undermining of the public trust in our election system, and the unchecked flow of dark money into our elections, it’s no wonder Americans of all political persuasions are losing faith in our elections,” said Monica Tranel. “In Congress I will work alongside Defend The Vote to fight to protect Americans’ right to vote, to ensure that regardless of what state they live in, every eligible voter can cast their ballot without interference and make their voice heard.”

Tranel is committed to working in the House of Representatives to protect and expand the right to vote and end dark money. She will defend our democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law. She supports the Freedom to Vote Act, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and funding for local election workers to run safe and accessible elections without threat of harassment or intimidation and to prevent the spread of misinformation.  

Defend The Vote has emerged as one of the nation’s leading and most influential pro-democracy organizations. It is dedicated to electing pro-voting rights candidates, up and down the ballot, who will preserve our democracy by fighting to safeguard free and fair elections, protect the right to vote, and increase voter access. Last cycle, DTV helped elect 55 pro-democracy House candidates and five Senate candidates.